The challenge facing every company, regardless of size, industry, or financial health is the ability to run a more efficient business. Your company’s challenges may be most apparent in a specific area: Sales, Marketing, Customer Support or Operations. However, while most executives recognize that each of these functions are interdependent, most CRM projects start and end with a narrow vision of those challenges. offers a platform that combines market-leading CRM functionality with a subscription licensing model that allows you to scale the application with your company’s growth and adoption. As an integrated platform, progress in each functional area builds on and reinforces related functions.

We have a successful track record of implementations for small to mid-market companies and in financial services, healthcare, nonprofits and other industries.

The traditional approach to technology consulting and project management is inefficient, costly, and increases project risks on both sides of the table. At Cirrus Consulting Group, we practice a very hands-on, rapid approach to consulting and development. During the first working session, early milestones are identified, working prototypes are built, and users are involved in driving the direction of the solution. This process continues, and we strive to deliver real, working solutions at each iteration.

The Cirrus CG Methodology Implementation Audit is a flexible tool for managing information. But sometimes that flexibility can lead the way to an unmanageable system. Duplicate data, complicated screens, and security exposures can result from too many stakeholders stating requirements for the system without a centralized control process.

Cleaning up bad data, auditing security roles, implementing best practices, and simplifying screens is not only a good housecleaning chore, but it improves users’ trust in the system, which will improve user adoption. Before a major project begins, Cirrus CG can stabilize the environment to prepare for when it’s time to launch the new solution.

Sales Cloud

The Sales Cloud is about managing sales activities – for both sales reps and managers: Qualifying, Pricing, Forecasting, Analytics, Process, Collaboration. It’s all there, but every company is different and how each of these goals is reached must be tailored to make the most of the investment and drive user adoption.

Cirrus Consulting Group an help by correctly modeling the order process so that it accurately reflects the types of products you sell and the customers you sell them to. The correct model will also allow you to meet your customers’ needs better through a more complete sales operations and customer support process.

Service Cloud

The Service Cloud manages the back-end of customer relationship management: customer service and support. Service Cloud 2 allows you to manage incoming support requests from customers from a variety of channels: phone/call-center, web, email, even Facebook and Twitter. Service Cloud 2 adds advanced call-center features, functionality to help you to manage customer support contracts, and includes Knowledge Management solutions for both internal and external constituents.

Collaboration Cloud

Imagine creating communities around your marketing, products, partners, and deals. Chatter Communities is coming and promises to make this easier than ever.

Custom Cloud

Sales and Service activities don’t stop with a closed Opportunity or Case. Operations, inventory, procurement, and website and back-end systems integration (accounting, ERP, shipping, etc) are important pieces of a comprehensive CRM solution. Many applications in your current IT portfolio could be enhanced by adding direct integration to customer sales and support data. By leveraging the Platform these applications can be built directly into — empowering your employees by providing them with relevant customer information at their fingertips and lowering your overall cost of maintaining these applications.